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Clean Cut Gardening Services
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clean-gardenClean Cut Gardening Service is a successful gardening business based in Peacehaven. We pride ourselves on our reliability, friendly approach and most importantly, our knowledge of the industry. We have many years of experience working for numerous commercial and domestic clients.

We know that customer satisfaction is key to business, so we ensure the highest standards of work at a highly competitive and reasonable rate. Whether you need a stripy lawn, lawn cutting, hedge cutting, leaf clearance, or patio and driveway clearing, we can give you a competitive quote. Our lawn technicians are fully trained and insured to operate the best equipment for residential and commercial work. Clean . Our Garden Operators have experience in all types of Hedges and the different sizes of the jobs undertaken vary tremendously.

The reason for calling Clean Cut Gardening Services also vary, maybe your hedge has grown too far onto the pavement, or is obscuring your windows, doors and views, or maybe the job has just become to much for you to cope with. We always clear up afterwards, even sweeping pavements and driveways as needed and we dispose of the hedge cuttings in an environmental and responsible way. Sometimes the weeds have taken over, the lawn is patchy where the children have been on their garden swing, or the builders might have finished their work. Whatever the reason – if enough is enough or you need a new lawn give us a call today. Whether you decide you need the whole lawn re-turfed or just parts of it, Clean Cut Gardening Service can advise on the best course of action for all Garden maintenance projects.